New Japanese Vibes (3) – クリープハイプ Creep Hyp リバーシブル ‘Reversible’

My latest rummage around the various Japanese charts led me to a new discovery: Creep Hyp, an indie rock band from 2001 who came out of their underground shell and into mainstream contact in 2012. The pleasant summery vibe ‘Reversible’ is their latest single to capture the attention of people seeking out the next wave of bands to keep the soul of the Japanese rock scene lit up.

Creep Hyp’s unique selling point is arguably Ozaki Sekaikan’s (real name Ozaki Yusuke) wailing high-range voice, which gives this particular tune a quirky touch without being too confrontational. Against the eccentric vocal quality of Ozaki that is perhaps comparable to the somersaulting vocal range of The Hoosiers is a traditional indie backline of dynamic guitar riffs/regular strumming and a foot-tapping drum beat that has a similar easygoing accessible nature of British indie pop and rock bands like The Wombats or The Kooks.

Other Info/Context:

  • Factoid: Ozaki Yusuke changed his artist name to Ozaki Sekaikan in response to praises made by some audiences who thought the band’s “outlook on the world” appealed to them. (Sekaikan = ‘world view’ is its literal translation, although in this particular case perhaps it would be better to interpret it as “the band’s open-mindedness” or “universal appeal”).

© Isaku Takahashi