New Japanese Vibes (4) – 坂口諒之介 Sakaguchi Ryounosuke 舟はまた壊れる ‘Fune Wa Mata Kowareru’

Surfing through related videos recently led me towards an unknown but noteworthy singer-songwriter. Sakaguchi Ryounosuke makes his debut with 舟はまた壊れる ‘Fune Wa Mata Kowareru’ (‘the boat will break again’), a subdued folk-rock song with tinges of psychedelic decorations.

While the general feeling and musical language of the song is one of simplicity, there is plenty of interest that can captivate the listener. Glimmering chords from the electric piano (with added delay effects) and a laid-back drum and bass line sets the song in motion fitting nicely with the serene vocal tone of Sakaguchi (drawing strong evocations of Oda Kazumasa). Gentle melodic and harmonic exchanges between the acoustic guitar and marimba stimulate a feeling of transparency or add a beautiful sheen to the palette. Radiant chords from the electric guitars in the chorus create a dronal effect that intensifies the track briefly, only to come crashing down with a sudden outburst of distortion marking the transition into the second verse. Melodic inflections from the tenor sax add a jazzy flavour to the second verse, while the steady panning and delay effects on the guitars and electric piano continue to sustain a subtle psychedelic experience. On reflection, it’s a tasteful song that has a unique, refreshing quality that only Sakaguchi is able to arouse.

Other Info/Context

  • Check out another hidden gem by Sakaguchi on soundcloud.

© Isaku Takahashi