New Japanese Vibes (5) – tofubeats ‘OPEN YOUR HEART’

The day after posting my feature on tofubeats, the man himself reveals his new killer of a track, ‘OPEN YOUR HEART’.

Like many of his tunes, ‘OPEN YOUR HEART’ is bursting with an array of colours and textures. A funky groove from the bass line and the thumping drumbeat activates the spark of the song, gradually making way for other sonic forces to enrich the audible space. Warm radiant synth pads spew out walls of harmonies, an inherently Japanese melodic riff from the koto-like sample adds a tinge of traditional influence and a seductive warped vocal sample stimulates the futuristic atmosphere.

This is just a small fraction of the track’s musical detail. A closer listen will immerse your audible senses, but the bristling energy of the song would be equally effective in invigorating your bodily sensations.

Other Info/Context

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