New Japanese Vibes (7) – フレデリック Frederic トウメイニンゲン ‘Tomei Ningen’

Frederic are back with their unashamedly catchy, humour-tinged rock with ‘Tomei Ningen’ (meaning ‘invisible person’). As well as drawing similarities with British indie bands such as Vampire Weekend or The Kooks, the song brings back clear memories of their previous singles, like ‘Owarase Night’ and ‘Oddloop’ meeting one way. The verse melody bears a striking resemblance to the tune in ‘Owarase Night’, while the rhythmic propulsion parallels the motor of ‘Oddloop’. While a sense of familiarity pours out of the song’s broader energy, the woozy timbre of the synth in the verse and a middle-8 section straddle towards a more psychedelic quality, which distinguishes ‘Tomei Ningen’ to their other works.

While it is arguably not as catchy as their other songs, it has the fundamental qualities to be a real crowd-pleaser.

Other Info/Context

  • Frederic will release a mini album on 25th November, in which this song features.
  • Check out my post on Frederic here.

© Isaku Takahashi