New Japanese Vibes (8) – ストレイテナー Straightener ‘Day To Day’

It was much to my surprise that ストレイテナー Straightener had been active in the Japanese musical mainstream for more than 15 years, and it is until now that I had discovered this alt-rock band from their lurk beyond my eyes and ears.

Day To Day’ is a song that showcases the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ of rock music. The track at most times is emblematic of the classic feel-good rock impression that would perhaps cast one’s mind to similar bands in Japan like BUMP OF CHICKEN and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, or draw comparisons to rock bands in the West such as The Fray or U2. To counter the pop-rock vibe are small segments (specifically the intro and middle section before the final chorus) that take a more prog-rock tangent with razor-sharp guitars and synths, perhaps echoing the hard-hitting distortion-driven energy of the likes of AC/DC.

As 千葉雄大 Chiba Yudai (the actor in the music video) mentioned in a comment, “this song is fit for the scent of autumnal climates”. With the cold and the rain threatening to arrive at its fullest, this song can certainly arouse an uplifting vibe in a typical autumn day.

Other Info/Context

  • ‘Day To Day’ will be released on November 11th.
  • Some of the members play for other bands (incl. FULLARMOR and The Predators).

© Isaku Takahashi