New Japanese Vibes (9) – ヤセイコレクティブ Yasei Collective ‘radiotooth’

As one skims through Yasei Collective’s musical interests and influences on their Facebook page and sees the likes of Aphex Twin, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson and The Beatles under one group, it makes it even harder to describe the band’s style in a short and snappy phrase.

‘radiotooth’ is their latest effort to blast an eruption of rich textures, harmonies and melodies. It immerses the listener in a fusion world where jazz and electronica meet one way. While the multi-layered android vocals of 斉藤拓郎 Saitou Takurou is at the heart of this song, the greater musical interest comes from the surroundings: funky afrobeat-influenced rhythms, free-jazz like piano figurations, warped synth riffs and an intimate soul-infused bass guitar solo in a latter half that suddenly shifts in time signature for a brief moment. The waves of polyrhythmic rushes married with the variety of instruments and textures makes the track complex and infectious in equal measure.

Yasei” translates as ‘wild’: the Japanese collective have certainly lived up to their name with ‘radiotooth’.

Other Info/Context

  • The single will be released on 25th Nov.

© Isaku Takahashi