Formed at a ライブハウス ‘Live House’ (a Japanese coined term meaning club/venue where live music is played) in Osaka prefecture, KANA-BOON is the latest four-piece to delight indie rock enthusiasts with their energetic and fun music.

スノーエスカー ‘Snow esuka’ (*no specific meaning disclosed), a song written during their independent label life resembles the feel-good ambience of bands such as Flumpool. Shimmering guitar harmonies, a solid bass line and party-inducing drum rhythms form the backdrop, supporting the bouncy vocals of谷口鮪 Taniguchi Maguro.

KANA-BOON are equally nimble on their feet in live performances, as illustrated in these videos of them playing ワールド ‘World’ and フルドライブ ‘Full Drive’. The juvenile energy that exudes from the quartet harmonises with the electrifying alt/punk rock sound world that perhaps echoes the driving momentum of ‘A-Punk’ by Vampire Weekend and the liberal vocal behaviour of The Ting Tings: from clamouring exchanges between the guitars and vocals to glaring guitar riffs and rhythmic accents.

ないものねだり ‘Naimono Nedari’ (‘asking for too much’) is arguably their biggest hit to date, and for good reason. The motoric propulsion generated by the turbo-driven drums and bass line, and jangling guitar timbres and harmonies, married with the array of colourful effects and the free spirited character of vocalist Taniguchi (existing within similar lines as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION or British bands like The Wombats) makes the overall listen a bouncy and infectious experience.

Perhaps one can surmise that the music and personality of KANA-BOON testify that the universal charm of simple rock language is still a continual force in the Japanese music scene.

Other Listening:

  • さくらのうた Sakura no Uta (‘Song of Cherry Blossoms’)
  • シルエット Silhouette
  • スパイラル Spiral

© Isaku Takahashi