New Japanese Vibes (12) – SKY-HI ‘Enter The Dungeon’

From one member of avex band AAA to another. SKY-HI, lead rapper in the 7-soul unit continues his solo engagement with ‘Enter The Dungeon’. Its sinister façade parallels the musical interest the track glorifies in, and brings back impressions of previous tunes including ‘Serial’.

The ominous atmosphere is conveyed both in image and sound. What looks like an abandoned building sketched in graffiti, the only aid of sight in the music video is the torch SKY-HI waves about. Punctuating drumbeats and the dexterous rapping of Hidaka Mitsuhiro drives the propulsion of the track, while luminous and squelchy synths in the pre-chorus stir up tension towards the dynamic chorus, and the sporadic deep, warped vocal sample provokes an otherworldly sonic ambience.

Other Info/Context

  • Enter The Dungeon’ is the coupling track to SKY-HI’s new single アイリスライト Iris Light, due to be released 13th Jan 2016.
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© Isaku Takahashi