New Japanese Vibes (14) – THE BED ROOM TAPE 命の火 feat. 川谷絵音 ‘Inochi no Hi feat. Kawatani Enon’

景山奏 Kageyama So (one quarter of instrumental group ナボワ Nabowa) is the mastermind behind solo project THE BED ROOM TAPE. 命の火 ‘Inochi no Hi’ is the opening track of Kageyama’s latest release YARN EP, enlisting the help of Indigo la End’s lead vocalist 川谷絵音 Kawatani Enon.

The track itself is a journey through a blend of styles that complement each other very nicely. It opens with a faint brushed drumbeat and a swung acoustic guitar rhythm, moving towards a mahogany-coloured melodic riff from the guitar until Kawatani utters gently through the track with heightened moments in the chorus. The song evokes a tranquil ambience that is further enriched by injections of jazz, soul and electronic tastes. The song eventually reaches an outro driven by a summery electric guitar solo, vibrant drum textures and the uplifting chorus melody sung fluently by Kawatani.

While the summer-inducing vibe offsets the track’s time of release, it brings shimmering warmth that would comfort listeners in a season where the bitter, cold winter threatens to come by.

Other Info/Context

  • YARN EP was released on December 2nd.
  • Kageyama is the guitarist in instrumental four-piece Nabowa.

© Isaku Takahashi