New Japanese Vibes (16) – 鈴木慶一 Suzuki Keiichi ひとりぼっち収穫祭 ‘Hitoribocchi Shūkakusai’

With a career stretching more than 40 years, 鈴木慶一 Suzuki Keiichi has been an instrumental figure in the development of Japanese rock music. To celebrate his 45th year, Suzuki previews ひとりぼっち収穫祭 ‘Hitoribocchi Shūkakusai’ (‘Lonely Harvest Festival’) from his new album Records and Memories.

The song is loaded with musical details that brew a slothful and lugubrious atmosphere, from the pendulum-like verse melody to the muddy psychedelic production of the chorus. In addition, the striking distortion effects that pervade the track give off a strong sense of nostalgia, as though it would exist in the same wavelength of past psychedelic rock decades. To add a touch of humour, a flippant circus-like passage from the accordion and brass duo draws the curtain to this painfully slow but sonically absorbing track.

Other Info/Context

  • Records and Memories will be released on December 16th.
  • Suzuki was a member of 70s rock band Moonriders, one of Japan’s most influential rock bands.

© Isaku Takahashi