New Japanese Vibes (18) – ACO 未成年 ‘Miseinen’

Celebrating 20 years in the musical mainstream, Japanese singer ACO previews 未成年 ‘Miseinen’ (‘under age’) from her new album Valentine.

Boasting a musical personality influenced heavily by downtempo, trip-hop and electronica, ‘Miseinen’ is a dramatic change in style from her early days. The track shines in a gentle soul vibe led by the whispering vocals of ACO and guest singer 岸田繁 Kishida Shigeru (from alt-rock band くるり Quruli) and supported by a folk-coloured rhythm section. Although the surface of the song is tender and serene, deeply embedded in the song’s vibe is a seductive ambience that pulls the listener into a world of sonic paradise.

Other Info/Context

Valentine was released on December 16th.

© Isaku Takahashi