New Japanese Vibes (20) – yuichi NAGAO ‘White Wind’

yuichi NAGAO’s attention towards various sonic palettes is spoken clearly through his spellbinding music. Evocative of the dream-like sound world of Slow Magic, ‘White Wind’, the latest track to come out of PROGRESSIVE FOrM record label’s SoundCloud, speaks for both the futuristic and nostalgic. The track is laden with a rich array of cosmic synth colours, hazy ambient effects, heart-pounding drumbeats (drawing from techno, dub and downtempo influences) and heavenly vocoder samples, all weaving through each other to radiate a beam of polyrhythmic sonic bliss.

Other Info/Context

  • yuichi NAGAO studied under Japanese jazz musician 菊地成孔 Kikuchi Naruyoshi.
  • His music’s inspirations stem from things like surrealism art and the soundtrack to the anime film 銀河鉄道の夜 Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru (‘Night on the Galactic Railroad’).

© Isaku Takahashi