New Japanese Vibes (22) – Tempalay ‘made in Japan’

Tempalay’s new track ‘made in Japan’ is a puzzling experience, intoxicating one’s eyes and ears with a music video and a dazzling sonic world that speaks to both the human and extra-terrestrial.

The tangled harmonic progressions, the collage of musical flavours (including a Sun Ra-esque trumpet solo that stands out just before the final chorus) and a quirky vocal melody that wanders like a drunken person trigger the narcotic sensation one gets from this track. However, within the strange façade is a chorus enjoying a smooth summery vibe weaved with surf rock guitar sonorities, and an Erykah Badu-like psychedelic soul ambience permeating the track.

Other Info/Context

  • made in Japan’ features in Tempalay’s debut album from JAPAN, due to be released on January 6th.

© Isaku Takahashi