New Japanese Vibes (25) – Takaki Ryuuta ‘Fallen’

As one surfs through the SOUNDCLOUD universe, a new talent in the electronic sphere comes to light. ‘Fallen’ by young beat maker Takaki Ryuuta immerses one’s audible senses in a fragile arctic and minimal atmosphere, dipping into a deep ocean of dub, chillwave and ambient ideas. Tiny sonic samples, ambiguous harmonic riff, fluctuating synth colours, woozy pitch bending, gravity-pulling bass sonorities and infectiously rhythmic percussion timbres intrude the listener’s sensations through every angle, creating an illusionary nocturnal effect in the process.

Other Info/Context

  • Takaki Ryuuta also released his debut album Sink Into The Midnight on 13th January.

© Isaku Takahashi