New Japanese Vibes (26) – Lullatone ‘A Photograph From The Day You Were Born’

The delicate and charming ‘pajama pop’ of Lullatone in 2016 is bound to be quite a busy one. The Japanese-American duo of 富田淑美 Tomita Yoshimi and Shawn James Seymour made a new years resolution to release a new track every Thursday in 2016, and ‘A Photograph From The Day You Were Born’ is their second track they have shared. You can expect their soundcloud page to get pretty vibrant.

This sweet little tune encapsulates Lullatone’s imaginative musical personality. Cute melodies, twinkling tuned percussion, serene sine-wave textures, electronic crafts, silky strings and gentle piano and guitar harmonies soothe and coat the listener’s ears in a transparent, honey-glazed ambience.

Other Info/Context

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