New Japanese Vibes (27) – 王舟 Oh Shu あいがあって ‘Ai ga atte’

The classic country folk façade of あいがあって ‘Ai ga atte’ is just one of many styles that 王舟 Oh Shu embraces on his new album Picture. This track has a simple and pleasant communal ambience, a quality that is brought into play in this live version with Oh Shu on his mahogany-tinged acoustic guitar cocooned in mellow sounds of the vintage organ and synths, American country-coloured electric guitar, sedate piano phrases and soft percussion textures.

Other Info/Context

  • Oh Shu’s new album Picture will be released on January 20th.
  • Oh Shu is originally from Shanghai, China but has been brought up in Japan and built an active career in Tokyo.

© Isaku Takahashi