New Japanese Vibes (30) – 入江陽 Irie You おひっこし ‘Ohikkoshi’

A certain kind of ‘swagger’ accentuates 入江陽 Irie You’s intricate track おひっこし ‘Ohikkoshi’ (‘Move out’).

One can hear influences of Flying Lotus, the rhythmic language of IDM and an undeniably alluring trip/hip-hop groove through this strange and sultry sonic journey. The track takes the form of an arch, transporting the listener in an unearthly world filled with ambiguous harmonies, wobbling synths and entangled rhythms. The middle section jumps into a seductive neo-soul vibe until the track finally engulfs the listener back into the spine-chilling sounds of the introduction.

Other Info/Context

  • Irie You’s new album SF was released on January 20th.
  • During his academic life, he played the oboe, jazz piano and also took part in punk bands and free jazz sessions and performances.

© Isaku Takahashi