New Japanese Vibes (32) – Cettia 月夜 ‘Tsukiyo’

Young Japanese singer-songwriter Cettia’s new track 月夜 ‘Tsukiyo’ (‘Moonlight’) brings a bright stream of warmth to a gray February climate.

Cettia expresses a deep message about isolation and moving forward:


… 寂しい夜を越えて、朝が来たら


‘Surely anyone and everyone has felt hopelessly alone and experienced a night being emotionally crushed by this sense of solitude.

… but overcome the lonely night, and as the morning approaches, set off on your feet. We are still ok, only the moon kindly gazed upon me.’

The serene yet calmly propulsive spirit of the music (perhaps mirroring a Take That-like sonic narrative) embodies the uplifting message the song conveys. Gleaming synths, radiant guitar chords, spurring drum energy, and the blissful chorus melody relay between the stereo field and breathe an aura of emotion through every corner.

Other Info/Context

  • Cettia’s single Tsukiyo will be released on February 3rd.

© Isaku Takahashi