New Japanese Vibes (33) – Boys Age ‘Neverchanging, Neverending (永遠)’

Saitama-formed duo Boys Age describe their style as “uncommon pop”, and regardless of any pretentious undertone people may discern from such a label, they certainly differentiate themselves from the pack with their new track ‘Neverchanging, Neverending (永遠)’.

Kaz and Takamasa, (the creative brains behind the track) meanders through a lethargic yet oddly seductive ambience, entwining tinges of indie, psychedelic, dream pop and lo-fi aesthetics. ‘Neverchanging, Neverending (永遠)’ speaks for the underground voices of Jandek or R. Stevie Moore, with liquid guitar chords and riffs, smouldering electric piano overtones and shadowy vocal tones drifting away at an eternal pace and brewing a rich and mellow sonic undercurrent and eccentricity.

Other Info/Context

  • Boys Age have released numerous records in the US, and are widely regarded there as the ‘Japanese DIY Master’.

© Isaku Takahashi