The minimal prerequisites to forming a typical rock band are: three musicians and simple musical ideas. Japanese three-piece Plenty emulates and personifies such a principle to ample effect with their timeless and fresh mainstream rock character.

Plenty cherises a simple, melodic and fully orchestrated rock sound that puts them on a similar sonic wavelength to British counterparts Keane, particularly in tracks 待ち合わせの途中 ‘Machiawase no Tochū’ (‘En route to a rendez-vous’) and あいという ‘Ai to iu’ (‘To call it love’). While both tunes work on the same ‘gentle verse to grand chorus’ narrative, ‘Ai to iu’ has that extra accent of Elton John-esque nostalgia through its soothing slower tempo and silky string harmonies in the chorus.


Plenty’s introspective numbers are equally credible, including プレイヤー ‘Player’. Taken from their 2013 album This, the track lingers around a placid Oasis-like adult rock drive led by江沼 郁弥 Enuma Fumiya’s sedate and contemplative vocal tone, with blaring injections of distorted guitar riffs conducting the whole ensemble into blinks of sonic power.

よい朝を、いとしいひと ‘Yoi asa wo, Itoshii Hito’ (‘A good morning, beloved person’) reflects an array of various musical flavours that sets this track apart from their previous material, and further enhances their creative originality. The opening attests to a contemporary jazz-like ambience with serene piano, guitar and drum timbres rippling in smooth fashion, making way for Enuma’s warm falsetto vocals. A vibrant chorus rich in anthemic rock colours complements the warm vibe, and offsetting the episodes of musical serenity are injections of shoegaze-esque fuzzy guitar distortion sounds and clamorous drums.

Plenty’s graceful musical approach has produced a wealth of charming rock numbers, and listeners can be left immersed in vibrant rock colours and unfolding emotions.

Other Listening:

  • 蒼き日々 Aoki Hibi (‘Blue Days’)
  • 体温 Taion (‘Body Temperature’)

© Isaku Takahashi