New Japanese Vibes (35) – Cairo ‘Same As Before’ (Album)

The Japanese indie-rock community welcomed the launch of rock quartet Cairo (formerly under the name SANM) with their debut album Same As Before.

Cairo’s album is a masterful line of work that wades through psychedelic, lo-fi and dream pop sensations. As one closes their eyes during title track ‘Same As Before’, classic woozy guitar riffs, starry-eyed effects, hazy vocals submerge the listener’s senses in sonic bliss. ‘Retrospective’ raises the gear up a notch but still indulges in a world of reverb-drenched guitars and drums, while ‘Night Vision’ radiates nostalgic synth colours that also speak for their modern creative visions.

Other Info/Context

  • Same As Before was released on January 31st.

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