New Japanese Vibes (36) – The Skateboard Kids ‘Bonfire’

Nagoya-based indie rock four-piece The Skateboard Kids unveil ‘Bonfire’, a perfect track to sing along to near a campfire, or indulge at home in its atmospheric dreamy folk backdrop.

The track opens with a mahogany guitar chugging away a nostalgic troubadour ambience. A slow-brewing propulsion gradually feeds its way and expands the blissful wall of sound, yet still silken in texture and harmony. Jangling guitar arpeggios shimmer away in a free and hypnotic spirit, and alongside the daydreaming vocals of Hioki Hayato coax a whiff of Sigur Ros-like meditative sensation in the process.

Other Info/Context

  • Bonfire’ will be released on March 1st, on cassette tape.

© Isaku Takahashi