New Japanese Vibes (46) – Takahiro Kido ‘The New World/Inside-Out Tokyo’ (Album/EP)

After a consecutive number of days working at my internship, evening concerts and late night gin and tonic, I finally have the chance to relax. Takahiro Kido’s new album and EP The New World/Inside-Out Tokyo is the perfect soundtrack to unwind after a busy week.

The track previewed here, ‘Seven Days in Zermatt’ lets the listener drift through a Ludovico Einaudi-esque soundscape, reverberating with tranquil piano harmonies, shining violin and cello melodies, and a filmic and neoclassical atmosphere fanning out and charm the audible minds of listeners.

Other Info/Context

  • The New World/Inside-Out Tokyo will both be released on March 18th.
  • Takahiro Kido is a member of renowned instrumental band Anoice.

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