New Japanese Vibes (53) – Yakushimaru Experiment ウラムの螺旋より ‘Ulam no Uzumaki Yori’

Exploring the creative potentials of mathematics, improvisation and reading, やくしまるえつこ Yakushimaru Etsuko (a.k.a. Yakushimaru Experiment) developed an experimental concept album, featuring the track ウラムの螺旋より ‘Ulam no Uzumaki Yori’ (‘From the Ulam Spiral’). Directly taken from Stanislaw Ulam’s theory, she scored and visualised the prime numbers to fabricate a rhythmically infectious and visually entrancing experience. Prepare to be immersed in a perpetual loop of stuttering vocal samples, militaristic percussion rhythms and quirky visuals.

Other Info/Context

  • Yakushimaru Experiment’s new album Flying Tentacles was released on March 30th, under Ryuichi Sakamoto’s label commons, celebrating its 10th anniversary.

© Isaku Takahashi