New Japanese Vibes (54) – Ken Kobayashi ‘Know You More’

Singer-songwriter Ken Kobayashi shares both Japanese and German origin in his DNA. Now based in London, his new track ‘Know You More’ exudes a gentle, melancholic pop/bossa nova vibe that echoes the ‘Shibuya-kei’ trend, the Japanese fascination for styles outside their borders.

While the track wanders through in its leisurely ambience ferried by the serene bossa nova propulsion, groovy and nostalgic licks, and Kobayashi’s cloudy and graceful vocal tones, electro synth colours and countermelodies beautifully weave their way into the mix to coax a unique sound world.

Other Info/Context

  • Ken Kobayashi’s new album Like The Stars will be released on April 6th, to mark his Japan debut.

© Isaku Takahashi