New Japanese Vibes (55) – D.A.N. ‘Native Dancer’

As I write this post looking for inspiration and stimuli, the clock approaches 12.00am midnight, and up came electro-pop band D.A.N. and their new track ‘Native Dancer’, a magical sonic affair perfect to indulge under the nocturnal gaze.

The track sees the R&B and pop worlds mingle together to coax an enchanting musical ambience filled with colourful synth textures, beautiful ghost-toned vocals, and seductive rhythmic phrases through flowing pulse changes and a gentle harmonic journey. The camaraderie of 桜木大悟 Sakuragi Daigo、市川仁也 Ichikawa Jinya and 川上輝 Kawakami Teru is showcased to great breadth in this alluring number.

Other Info/Context

  • D.A.N.’s new album will be released on April 20th, featuring the track ‘Native Dancer’.

© Isaku Takahashi