Update: A new plan of action

I felt it was time to introduce a new angle to this blog. Without making too much of a big deal, time has been against me these couple of months and has affected my drive to keep up with this blog. This is hopefully going to change now as I dig into my ‘thought pond’ and propose a new direction to move this blog forward.

Since I started this blog, I have written numerous posts delving into a single artist or band. However, as I spent days writing up “hopefully interesting” articles, to my pleasure, the simmering pot of new artists and undiscovered bands is overflowing day after day. Unable to keep up on a regular basis, I needed to find a way to keep up with the Shinkansen (‘bullet train’) of Japanese music. So I made a plan.

Next week, I will introduce a new thread to this site – ‘Picks of the Week’. As the title suggests, it will involve selecting a small number of tracks in a week, talking a bit about each track to create a mini-playlist. This way, it will allow me to keep up with the rapid current of artists grabbing my eyes and ears, and hopefully provide my readers with greater opportunities to discover more great music from Japan.

While this idea is not yet concrete, I believe this is the way forward for this blog now. I hope my readers will stick along in this journey of Japanese music.