New Japanese Vibes (60) – ayU tokiO 九月の雨 ‘Kugatsu no Ame’

Developed from the creative mind of 猪爪東風 Inotsume Ayu, ayU tokiO is one to make waves in the Japanese music scene. His new track 九月の雨 ‘Kugatsu no Ame’ (‘September Rain’) dives into a vibrant jazz world with a colourful array of instruments from flute, strings and a classic band rhythm section. Infused with samba rhythms, vintage Rhodes piano harmonies and jangling guitars, the music has the spirit to dispel any rainy weather in any season.

Other Info/Context

  • ayU tokiO’s new album 新たなる解 Aratanaru Kai was released on May 11th.

© Isaku Takahashi