New Japanese Vibes (62) – ハクブンゴウ Hakubungou 寝台列車 ‘Shindai Ressha’

Nostalgia seems to be a recurring theme in this blog recently, and today is no different. ハクブンゴウ Hakubungou is the latest artist to emerge out of his undiscovered shell. Apart from the fact that he is based in Okinawa prefecture, little is known about the singer-songwriter. However, his latest track寝台列車 ‘Shindai Ressha’ (‘Sleeper Train’) vividly showcases his enchanting songwriting talent. Featuring in his debut EP 彼がいうには Kare Ga Iu Niwa, this slow-brewing track treats listeners with a mélange of evocative guitar strums, wistful harmonies, gentle drums and a solo that evokes images of the beach and surf, all swirling around Hakubungou’s charming singer-songwriter vocal tones.

Other Info/Context

  • Hakubungou’s debut EP Kare Ga Iu Niwa will be released on June 2nd.

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