Picks of the Week #7

Putting aside the recent chain of events and controversies surrounding 川谷絵音 Kawatani Enon, mastermind behind Indigo la End (and sister group Gesu no Kiwami Otome), 藍色好きさ ‘Aiiro Suki sa’ (‘I Like Indigo Blue’) showcases the alt-rock band’s creative potential to great magnitude. The four-piece skips away with intricate drum rhythms, shimmering guitar riffs, electric piano harmonies and pulsating bass lines. The whole rhythmic vibe is lightened up by Kawatani’s dainty yet rich vocals.

  • Shespider – ‘Imitation’

It seems as though rock music has taken much of the limelight on my blog, so it’s time to dive into the vibrant sonic colours of electro-pop with Tokyo-based trio Shespider and their track ‘Imitation’. While the punctuating beats keep the rhythmic energy alive, the reverb-laden sound world, glittering guitars and serpent-like vocals intensify the track’s mysterious flavour. The track will be featured on their upcoming mini album Imitation early next month.

  • ya-to-i – となえるよ ‘Tonaeruyo’

Hidden within the P-VINE archive is an unusual number by three-piece band ya-to-i. となえるよ ‘Tonaeruyo’ (‘Chant’) is born from the creative minds of 山本精一 Yamamoto Seiichi, 岡田徹 Okada Toru (from 70s band Moonriders) and 伊藤俊治 Itou Toshiharu. Making use of the stereo field in spellbinding fashion, the track is a rich mix of android vocals, bright guitar licks, and styles see-sawing from post-rock to dance and ambient vibes.

© Isaku Takahashi