New Japanese Vibes (65) – 宮田涼介 Miyata Ryousuke 車窓 (At Car Window)

First post coming from a divided nation plagued by a Brexit hangover (apologies for such an introduction…)

While we can acknowledge the fact that Great Britain is no longer ‘Great’ (thanks to the uneducated citizens and manipulative politicians), no one can deny the enchanting musical offerings Japan has to offer, including宮田涼介 Miyata Ryousuke’s 車窓 (At Car Window) ‘Kurumamado’. Influenced by classical music, childhood memories and healing sensations, ‘Kurumamado’ sends listeners into a tranquil musical trance as it glides away with Ryuichi Sakamoto­-esque melodies and harmonies delicately played by Miyata’s fine fingers.

Other Info/Context

  • Miyata previously performed under the name Miche, and is guitarist of alt-rock band かろうじて人間 Karoujite Ningen.

© Isaku Takahashi