Picks of the Week #8


It is not just the likes of Sakanaction making waves in the new wave/electro-pop scene. MARQUEE BEACH CLUB caught my attention with their track ‘eye’ from their upcoming album Flavor. The track instantly coaxes an infectious dance vibe with pumping beats, radiant synth colours and seductive vocal melodies, and is sure to persuade listeners to get up on their feet and feel the sonic energy from start to finish.

  • 雨のパレード Ame no Parade – ‘Tokyo’

Four-piece J-rock band 雨のパレード Ame no Parade has only spent three years in the business, but is fast capturing the younger generations of Japan’s pop/rock enthusiasts with their catchy and cool post-rock personality. ‘Tokyo’, from their latest album New generation glistens with a tinge of melancholy in the wistful bridge section, but also strides with verve in the euphoric chorus laden with glittering guitars and glorious vocals.

As with every song by パスピエ Passepied, an infectious energy lies at the heart of their new track永すぎた春 ‘Nagasugita Haru’ (‘The Spring that lasted too long’). Colourful synths pervade the sonic field to evoke the golden days of synth-pop, while the perpetual pop pulse, ‘kawaii’ vocals and sing-along melodies make the track as catchy as any other cute J-pop hit of today. Their new single will be released later in July.

  • Analogfish – ‘Baby Soda Pop’

Dreamy, propulsive and anthemic, ‘Baby Soda Pop’ by Analogfish is a totally unique musical experience more listeners should encounter. The three-piece alt-rock band is no stranger in today’s music scene – they have been active for more than 15 years, and perhaps best known for providing the ending theme for the big anime Naruto with their song ‘Speed’. However, ‘Baby Soda Pop’ is a considerable shift in style – ethereal synths shimmer seamlessly to coax a magical ambience, while sumptuous vocal melodies, harmonies and pounding beats liven up an anthemic pop vibe.

© Isaku Takahashi