New Japanese Vibes (69) – polly 沈めてくれたら ‘Shizumete Kuretara’

Polly’s new song 沈めてくれたら ‘Shizumete Kuretara’ (‘If you let me sink…’) is a sonically chaotic (in a good way) yet equally enticing experience. Featuring in their new mini album 哀余る Aiamaru, the four-piece band strikes a sonic lightning from the outset with a bolt of clamorous guitar feedback and drum noise. After a raucous intro, polly immerses the listeners in a tranquil and rich indie rock/shoegaze vibe, before unleashing one more pocket of energy in a blissful yet haywire ending.

Other Info/Context

  • Polly’s new mini album Aiamaru was released on July 13th.

© Isaku Takahashi