New Japanese Vibes (72) – 宇宙ネコ子 Uchuu Nekoko ‘Summer Sunny Blue’ (with 入江陽 Irie You)

Featuring the seductive vocals of入江陽 Irie You, 宇宙ネコ子 Uchuu Nekoko are the latest alternative duo to ripple a wave of dazzling summer vibes to today’s listeners with their new track ‘Summer Sunny Blue’ from their debut album 日々のあわ Hibi no Awa. Glittering electric piano harmonies, warm brass and sunny guitar riffs radiate a feel-good atmosphere, while the smooth vocal melodies of Irie shimmer a feeling of nostalgia and a vivid landscape of the sun setting over the relaxing beach.

Other Info/Context

  • Uchuu Nekoko’s debut album Hibi no Awa will be released on August 17th.
  • Listen and find out more about Irie You in my blog post here.

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