New Japanese Vibes (77) – やなせなな Yanase Nana タロー ‘Taro’

やなせなな Yanase Nana’s new track タロー ‘Taro’ is a luxurious wade into a charming classic soft-rock ballad vibe. Since her debut 12 years ago, the Nara-born singer-songwriter has captured the hearts of many generations. Her enchanting vocals glitters like candlelight within the tender sound world enriched with jazzy piano licks, shimmering Hammond organ harmonies and a rocking drum beat and bass line. This song features in her latest album 夜が明けるよ Yo ga Akeru yo (‘The Morning Will Come’).

Other Info/Context

  • Yanase Nana’s new album Yoru ga Akeru yo was released on August 24th.

© Isaku Takahashi