J-Christmas Vibes [1] – 赤色のグリッター Akairo no Glitter 神様の涙 ‘Kamisama no Namida’

Another year is gradually reaching the end – after what has been a “slightly” bonkers 2016, it’s time to wind down from the chaos with some musical winter crackers from Japan. This month, I dedicate this blog to songs that are winter/Christmas-related, or just simply released during the final month of a year.

Regarded as a “new force in the J-rock scene”, 赤色のグリッター Akairo no Glitter released their first album 存在証明 Sonzai Shoumei last year on December 2nd (which happens to be my birthday… just saying…), which includes the track神様の涙 ‘Kamisama no Namida’ (‘God’s Tears’). Their anthemic rock arsenal is at full charge in this song as 佐藤リョウスケ Satou Ryousuke’s vocals somersault in energy level, voltage-laden guitars electrify the stereo field and the clamorous drums drive the rhythmic locomotive at full speed.

© Isaku Takahashi