New Japanese Vibes (96) – evening cinema 原色の街 ‘Genshoku no Machi’

Tokyo-based quartet evening cinema infuse new life to the J-pop soundscape and retro ‘city-pop’ trend with their new track原色の街 ‘Genshoku no Machi’ (‘Street of Colour’). Reminiscent of idol-pop emblem SMAP during their youth, 原田夏樹 Harada Natsuki expresses his love for the recently disbanded Johnny and Associates stars with his breezy and boyish vocals. Likewise, the band scatters a mellow yet funky feel-good vibe with a pleasant harmonic ambience and easy-going rhythmic energy that resonates with young listeners.

Other Info

  • Genshoku no Machi’ is out now on free download.

© Isaku Takahashi