New Japanese Vibes (97) – PLAGUES ‘Fool on the freeway’

90s Japanese indie rock icon PLAGUES has had somewhat of a rocky ride to mainstream success. After a long hiatus stretching eight years from 2002, the current trio woke up from their dormant period and renewed their driving seat in the rock bandwagon. Heavily inspired by the ‘everyday’ sound world of UK 90s indie rock, ‘Fool on the freeway’ marks the release of their new album Free will. The song’s engine oozes with verve and nostalgia in equal measure, driven by a rich mix of voltage-laden guitar solos, pumping drums and candid vocals singing “fool on the freeway” in cool, unperturbed fashion.

Other Info

  • PLAGUES’ new album Free will will be be released on January 25th.

© Isaku Takahashi