New Japanese Vibes (106) – feather shuttles forever ‘feather shuttles forever’ [Album]

There’s nothing better than listening to tropical pop and soul vibes in the morning of a day off work. Feather shuttles forever (made up of the duo Hikaru Yamada and マリ Mari (Mukuchi)) released their first album of the same title on bandcamp, and is a winsome combination of ten bright and nostalgic tunes. From the soothing calypso and shuffling beats of 海辺の電車 ‘Umibe no Densha’ (‘The Beach Train’) to the contrasting radiant ambience of ジュース ‘Juice’ and jazzy riffs that colour 小さな飛行機 ‘Chiisana Hikouki’) (‘The Small Aeroplane’), feather shuttles forever delve in a gorgeous array of styles to make the perfect soundtrack that will lift any dull morning.

Other Info

  • Feather shuttles forever was released on February 25th.

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