New Japanese Vibes (116) – Dony Joint ‘One & Only Thing’

I confess that rap music has never been of great appeal for my musical palette (maybe with the exception of SKY-HI at his most verbal and lyrically confrontational). Having said that, there’s a brooding yet soulful spirit that one feels in ‘One & Only Thing’ by Dony Joint, which makes it such an intriguing and soothing listen. The rapping has a slick quality that glides with ease, and the neo-soul colours from the guitars, electric piano and backing vocals coaxes a feel-good atmosphere. A brief reprimand by Gottz (fellow rapper singing ‘Savoy’) changes the sonic gears before winding back into the nostalgic vibes.

Other Info

  • Dony Joint’s new album A 03 Tale, ¥ella will be released on 24th

© Isaku Takahashi