New Japanese Vibes (126) – DAOKO x 米津玄師 Yonezu Kenshi 打上花火 ‘Uchiage Hanabi’

It’s not often that simply seeing the names of two artists sat by each other instantly grabs my attention. The chemistry between DAOKOand米津玄師Yonezu Kenshi vividly resonates in their blissful new track打上花火 ‘Uchiage Hanabi’ (‘Rocket Firework’), and provides the perfect musical showstopper for the upcoming anime film 打ち上げ花火、下から見るか?横から見るか?Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara miruka? Yoko kara miruka?. After a poignant piano riff introduces the song, a galaxy of anthemic richness shines especially in the chorus, where symphonic strings and pounding drums echo towards the horizon, coupled with DAOKO’s honey-toned melodies and Yonezu’s vocal power.

Other Info

  • Uchiage Hanabi’ will be released on August 16th.
  • The film Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara miruka? Yoko kara miruka? will be released in Japanese cinemas on August 18th.
  • Find out more about DAOKO. 
  • Find out more about Yonezu Kenshi.

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2 thoughts on “New Japanese Vibes (126) – DAOKO x 米津玄師 Yonezu Kenshi 打上花火 ‘Uchiage Hanabi’

  1. That’s a really nice and rather accurate description! In fact, I couldn’t possibly agree more with you about the attention grabbing part. It was really a pleasant surprise for me a week ago when Youtube notified about this video. However, this song seems more Yonezu Kenshi-like than DAOKO-like. (He must’ve composed the song I guess). I’m looking forward to a song (if they make one) which reflects both their styles. Speaking of which, don’t you think DAOKO’s music has changed a lot over the last few months? Moreover, this change occurred right after her Haikei Goodbye Sayonara. In retrospect, it seems that the song was her way to say goodbye to her former self and therefore her former music-style. (At the end of the youtube video she’s even seen asking the viewer – “Kimi was doko ni iru no?”). Though all of this is mere hypothesis, I hope she doesn’t leave her former music-style completely – I really loved songs like Kakete ageru, Negative Monster…


    • Hey! Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree, I think especially in the chorus where the strings and its anthemic spark is very much Yonezu’s style.

      DAOKO’s music has certainly shifted. I remember listening to a number of tracks from her first album, and I really enjoy each track and their intimate-dance vibe, her hushed voice and her edgy city-girl personality. Now when I come to listen to ‘Haikei Goodbye Sayonara’, she still has that youthful personality, but the song has a discernible four-on-the-floor EDM pulse that wasn’t very prominent in her earlier songs.

      It was also a pleasant surprise to hear her cover of ‘Forever Friends’ by Remedios (which also features in the movie) and hearing her voice in a very stripped-back ballad.


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