New Japanese Vibes (133) – エンヤサン Enyasang 大メインクライマックス ‘Dai Main Climax’ feat. ACO

The perpetual and hypnotic flow of大メインクライマックス ‘Dai Main Climax’ by brothers duo エンヤサン Enyasang . Also featuring singer ACO, the track ripples in genteel fashion with synth chords and riffs that echo towards heavenly heights while being rhythmically paddled by the low-key drums. The vocals of Y クルーズ Y-Cruise, エンヤ Enya and ACO carry on the hazy ambience of the song before the electric guitar galvanises the voltage of the sonic field, only to be washed away by the cosmic synths that brought the song to life in the first place.

Other Info

  • Enyasang’s new album Dai Main Climax will be released on October 25th.

© Isaku Takahashi