New Japanese Vibes (136) – バレーボウイズ Volley Boys ビーチバレイ ‘Beach Volley’

The lagoon-like tranquility and shimmering harmonies of ビーチバレイ ‘Beach Volley’ by nostalgic indie band バレーボウイズ Volley Boys cocoons one’s ears in the frosty bite of late autumn/early winter. Traces of kayokyoku in the vocal melodies winds back the decades and blow a refreshing breath of air in today’s indie scene. Coupled with glinting guitars and drumbeats like a gentle heart beat, the track invites listeners to let their senses drop onto a comfortable bed and let the harmonies and melodies soothe the mind.

Other Info

  • Volley Boys’ new album Volley Boys was released on November 8th.

© Isaku Takahashi