New Japanese Vibes (141) – Pea Coat Pizza Club 明けおめーしょん ‘Akeomeshon’

In Japan, children often receive pockets of money called お年玉 ‘Otoshidama’ to kick off the New Year (I still get some every year, courtesy of the generous parents!).

My musical ‘otoshidama’ however, to accompany the New Year relaxation period features Pea Coat Pizza Club. The trio, who formed in the spring in 2016 under Kiiro Records, go by the label’s motto “easy listening for everyone”. They certainly stick by the theme in their new track明けおめーしょん ‘Akeomeshon’ – an indulgent mix of soulful keys and swirling synths intertwined with the trio’s genial vocoder-filtered vocals. For a track to soothe one’s ears in this relaxed time of year, ‘Akeomeshon’ is one tune to wade in.

Happy new year to all my readers!

Other Info

  • Pea Coat Pizza Club’s new song ‘Akeomeshon’ is available to download

© Isaku Takahashi