New Japanese Vibes (143) – FIVE NEW OLD ‘Sunshine’

Sunshine’ by Kobe-born trio FIVE NEW OLD is the perfect musical antidote for the winter chills and flu-riddled season. The band first made their mark on the music scene with their likeable and fresh sound that kindles a new lease of life for 80s old-school urban vibes with an infectious alt-rock drive. ‘Sunshine’ embodies their appealing summery and youthful sound, and surfs the waves with a gorgeous mix of seductive vocal melodies, bubbly riffs and enticing beats and harmonies.

Other Info

  • FIVE NEW OLD’s new album Too Much Is Never Enough will be released on January 31st, and will be available to download/stream.
  • Listen to more FIVE NEW OLD on my blog post here.

© Isaku Takahashi


New Japanese Vibes (142) – POLTA 土星少年 ‘Dosei Shounen’

2018 is a milestone year for youthful rock duo Polta, as it marks 10 years since they first formed and pleased audiences with their down-to-earth pop-rock sound. After listening to glimpses of their previous EP HELLO AGAIN, their latest energetic tune 土星少年 ‘Dosei Shounen’ (‘Saturn Boy’) provides the fuel for a new angle to their musical palette. This tune mixes much of the ingredients for an attention-grabbing song – a cool guitar riff in the introduction to invite me into their sound world, 尾苗愛 Onae Ai’s vocals that both radiates energy and soothes the ear drum, and a voltage-piercing guitar solo that looks to blast the speakers.

Other Info

  • POLTA’s new album LOVE TO DIE will be released on January 17th, and will be available to buy on their website.

© Isaku Takahashi

Picks of the Week #27


Despite having only spent just over two years as a band, RAMMELLS have already garnered a reputation for their amiable soul, funk and indie rock vibes. Their debut album Authentic showcases their beautifully nostalgic yet refreshing musical personality, including the track ‘Cherry‘. The song, led by 黒田秋子 Kuroda Akiko’s charming vocals, blends a soulful cosmos of polished harmonies, river-like melodies and gentle heart-beating rhythms that is perfect to swirl around the living room stereo with a cup of coffee in one’s hands.

RAMMELLS’s debut album Authentic was released in December 2017. Find out more about RAMMELLS on their website.

  • PAELLAS – ‘Shooting Star’

The intoxicating and nocturnal sound world of ‘Shooting Star’ by four-piece PAELLAS typify why growing audiences are so excited by this Tokyo-based band. Reminiscent of the vibes of Daft Punk, the sweet scent of MATTON’s delicate and transient vocals twines around the song like vines on a brick wall, an array of synths swirl throughout to evoke the melancholic and hypnotic, and infectious riffs and chords on the guitar and electric piano kicks in an irresistible pulse that can’t help the listener groove along with the beat.

PAELLAS’s EP D.R.E.A.M was released in September 2017, and is available on their website. Find out more about PAELLAS on my blog post here.

  • Polaris – ‘SEASON’

Rhythmically snappy and melodically sentimental, ‘SEASON’ by rock duo POLARIS brings the best of both polarities in the musical spectrum. On one hand, the track drives through with dynamism in the drums and grooving bass line. On the other, serpentine vocals and coiling guitars concoct an air of melancholy and meditation. Personally, the song serves as the perfect antidote for my senses, dispelling all the city-life noise from my ear drums and cocooning them with dreamy indie rock.

Polaris’s album Hashiru was released in November 2017, and is available on their website.

© Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (141) – Pea Coat Pizza Club 明けおめーしょん ‘Akeomeshon’

In Japan, children often receive pockets of money called お年玉 ‘Otoshidama’ to kick off the New Year (I still get some every year, courtesy of the generous parents!).

My musical ‘otoshidama’ however, to accompany the New Year relaxation period features Pea Coat Pizza Club. The trio, who formed in the spring in 2016 under Kiiro Records, go by the label’s motto “easy listening for everyone”. They certainly stick by the theme in their new track明けおめーしょん ‘Akeomeshon’ – an indulgent mix of soulful keys and swirling synths intertwined with the trio’s genial vocoder-filtered vocals. For a track to soothe one’s ears in this relaxed time of year, ‘Akeomeshon’ is one tune to wade in.

Happy new year to all my readers!

Other Info

  • Pea Coat Pizza Club’s new song ‘Akeomeshon’ is available to download

© Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (140) – asuka ando あまいひとくち ‘Amai Hitokuchi’

The sweet mellow vibes of あまいひとくち ‘Amai Hitokuchi’ (‘Sweet Mouthful’) by singer asuka ando rings the relaxing feel-good atmosphere of my Christmas Day this year. The track tickles the heart and ears with its charming and fresh reggae-based groove (something we don’t often hear in today’s music in Japan) – its cradle-rocking beats and tropical guitar and piano harmonies sways one’s body left to right, while asuka ando’s honey-toned vocals embellishes the tender ambience of the song.

Other Info

  • asuka ando’s new album Amai Hitokuchi will be released on January 6th.

(c) Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (139) – Half Time Old アウトフォーカス ‘Out Focus’

With the freak snow trapping much of the sounds of my surroundings, I was craving an up-tempo tune to break through the bed of white snow and quiet air. Upcoming rock trio Half Time Old woke me up with their pulsating new number アウトフォーカス ‘Out Focus’, which features on their latest album 発見と疑問 Hakken to Gimon. Thunder-bolting guitar riffs, ground-pounding drums and 鬼頭大晴 Kitou Masaharu’s razor-sharp vocals inject the fuel to the track’s sonic engine, which drives through with great conviction and dynamism.

Other Info

  • Half Time Old’s new album Hakken to Gimon was released on December 6th.

© Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (138) – 634noHz 知らない ‘Shiranai’

Struggling to dig out a new song to write about, Kichijoji-based indie trio 634noHz (pronounced Musashino Hertz) popped up in my video recommendations at the most opportune time with their new track 知らない ‘Shiranai’ (‘Don’t know’). A melancholic rock number infused with a soft shoegaze scent, the trio both cocoons and energises the listener’s ears with a sumptuous mix of tender vocals reminiscent of singer-songwriter Miwa, clamorous drums, cradle-rocking guitar riffs and a heart-beating pulse.

Other Info

  • 634noHz’s new EP Amplifier will be released on December 17th.

© Isaku Takahashi