New Japanese Vibes (146) – D.A.N. ‘Chance’

In a sonic universe where the hypnotic minimal pop of The XX, ambient music and psychedelic grooves orbit around each other, D.A.N. continue to transfix listeners with their mesmerising musical palette and their new single ‘Chance’. The alt-pop trio concocts a perpetual spell of post-minimal richness, but continually expands the kaleidoscope of sounds from the spectral vocals of 桜木大悟 Sakuragi Daigo to the perennial guitar riffs and synth colours that waver with subtle unpredictability. My personal highlight has to be the blissful ending, enriched by the voltage-boosted guitar solo and clamorous drums in the back.

Other Info

  • D.A.N.’s new single ‘Chance’ is available to download on their website here.
  • Listen to more music by D.A.N. here.

New Japanese Vibes (94) – D.A.N. ‘SSWB’

D.A.N. has only been active for just over two years, but has garnered great interest both in Japan and abroad. Their spellbinding blend of minimal and mellow pop smoulders a sound world that lures listeners into a world beyond one’s headphones. ‘SSWB’, their latest release, dabbles in a sultry sonic backdrop intertwined with ripples of neo-soul richness, an introspective club dance ambience and a perpetuating ethereal steel drum riff in the air. Coupled with a nocturnal video brewing smokes of suspicion and seductiveness from start to end, the trio has certainly absorbed my senses in an inescapable, infectious musical cage.

Other Info

  • A.N.’s new digital single SSWB was released on December 23rd.
  • Listen to ‘Native Dancer’ by D.A.N. in my blog post here.

© Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (55) – D.A.N. ‘Native Dancer’

As I write this post looking for inspiration and stimuli, the clock approaches 12.00am midnight, and up came electro-pop band D.A.N. and their new track ‘Native Dancer’, a magical sonic affair perfect to indulge under the nocturnal gaze.

The track sees the R&B and pop worlds mingle together to coax an enchanting musical ambience filled with colourful synth textures, beautiful ghost-toned vocals, and seductive rhythmic phrases through flowing pulse changes and a gentle harmonic journey. The camaraderie of 桜木大悟 Sakuragi Daigo、市川仁也 Ichikawa Jinya and 川上輝 Kawakami Teru is showcased to great breadth in this alluring number.

Other Info/Context

  • D.A.N.’s new album will be released on April 20th, featuring the track ‘Native Dancer’.

© Isaku Takahashi