New Japanese Vibes (105) – the perfect me ‘Have been waiting for a long time’

The Perfect Me, the latest arrivals on the Dead Funny Records bandwagon tangle a homely indie rock vibe with mellow dance grooves and radiant synth-pop colours in their new track ‘Have been waiting for a long time’. The Fukuoka-based duo of Takumi Nishikawa and Takuhiro Yoshikawa kickstarted their presence in the indie music scene through supporting American indie/experimental rock band Deerhoof (the duo named themselves from one of Deerhoof’s tracks). With their debut album INTO THE HOUSE coming later this month, the perfect me pave the way for the future of Japanese indie music.

Other Info

  • The perfect me’s debut album INTO THE HOUSE will be released on February 22nd.
  • Find out more about Dead Funny Records in my blog posts here.

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J-Christmas Vibes [4] – Num Contena ‘Flight to Winter’

Sometimes, we all need to wind down and just put one’s mind at ease with musical goodness. ‘Flight to Winter’ by Fukuoka-based indie-pop band Num Contena Its jangling guitars loosely reminisce jingling bells, and the rich blend of spontaneous vocals, gently rocking drums and floating harmonies shimmer with sentimentality, making this tune the ideal number to listen to beside the cosy fireplace. ‘Flight to Winter’ features in their first full album Smile When You’re Dead. Hear more of Num Contena in my blog post here, and find out more about Dead Funny Records here.

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New Japanese Vibes (88) – Num Contena ‘Smile When You’re Dead’

Reminiscent of 90s American alt-rock and indie-folk, Fukuoka-based indie rock quartet Num Contena uncover their new track ‘Smile When You’re Dead’ from their upcoming first full album Smile When You’re Dead. Flowing vocals, gleaming guitar riffs and a cradle-rocking beat is layered with tranquil psychedelic musical waves to spellbind listeners in a charming and wistful rock vibe. Not only does this track excite me for the Num Contena to come in the future, it also endorses Dead Funny Recordsname as a source of Japan’s great indie artists.

Other Info/Context

  • Num Contena’s first album Smile When You’re Dead will be released on December 14th.
  • Find out more about Dead Funny Records and their artists here.

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New Japanese Vibes (81) – The OXs ‘Candy of Youth’

Make way for the latest shoegaze/dream pop enthusiasts to launch their debut in the Dead Funny Records record label – Tokyo-based band The OXs. From the outset of their debut track ‘Candy of Youth’, the quartet drives through with brisk rhythmic energy, but also submerges the stereo field in a wash of dreamy harmonies, wailing synths, hypnotic guitar riffs and nostalgic musical richness. If the other tracks from their debut EP Candy of Youth is as impressive as this one, then they are surely ones to keep a watchful eye on in the future of shoegaze and dream pop in Japan.

Other Info/Context

  • The OXs’ debut EP Candy of Youth will be released on October 12th.
  • Find out more on Dead Funny Records here.

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New Japanese Vibes (68) – moo ‘Kite Flying Society’

Conjuring a nostalgic 90s indie band sound is moo, a four-piece indie pop/rock band from Sapporo prefecture and newcomer in the Dead Funny Records musical locomotive with their new track ‘Kite Flying Society’. In their 20s, the quartet show just how much potential they have got to attract attention from the Japanese indie pop/rock enthusiasts with a seductive mix of feel-good guitar riffs, evocative soundscapes, silky textures and unwinding vocals and harmonies under a leisurely pulse.

Other Info/Context

  • moo’s debut album Kite Flying Society will be released under Dead Funny Records on September 14th.

© Isaku Takahashi

Picks of the Week #5

  • Hearsays – ‘Talking Across The Room’

Gorgeous 70s/80s vibes ooze out from Hearsays’ music, including ‘Talking Across The Room’. Upbeat and tranquil in equal measure, the four-piece indie rock band based in Fukuoka fill an evocative sound world with reverb-laden guitars, dreamy riffs and harmonies, driving drum pulse and wistful male-female vocals, taking their listeners as well into the nostalgic musical journey.

  • ゆだち Yudachi – ‘(die staadt) Norm’

Music has the power to transport listeners to otherworldly experiences. ゆだち Yudachi coaxes a smooth, ethereal soundscape in their track ‘(die staadt) Norm’ from their first album 夜の舟は白に折りたたまれて The Night Boat is Folded in White. Filled with glassy synth harmonies, tranquil guitar lines, rippling crescendos and beautifully languid vocals, the track will hypnotise listeners in a blissful musical trance.

  • 宇宙コンビニ Uchuu Konbini – ‘Pyramid’

The intricate rhythms and propulsions of math rock and prog rock collide in ‘Pyramid’, a track by Kyoto-based three-piece “progressive pop” band宇宙コンビニ Uchuu Konbini. Above the precision-engineered rhythmic drum patterns, time signature changes, lush harmonies and colourful guitar timbres lies Ohki Emi’s feathery and wistful vocals rippling away with elegance and emotion. ‘Pyramid’ embodies the true qualities of post-rock awesomeness.

© Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (51) – Thank You Cream ‘Hegira’

We return to the exotic realm of Dead Funny Records as Tokyo-based psychedelic rock band Thank You Cream ignite their presence in the Japanese indie rock scene with new track ‘Hegira’ from their debut mini album Creamy.

The track wobbles through like a viscous swirl pushing through inch by inch. The band skilfully blends various styles and sounds (from razor-edged guitar effects, jangling riffs, folk-like melodies and a driving bass and drum fuel), coaxing a seductive vintage-coloured vibe that speaks for listeners keen to hear the bands of today embrace classic musical aesthetics.

Other Info/Context

Creamy will be released on May 11th.