Picks of the Week #22

  • Iri – ‘Watashi’

It’s been three years since my last trip to Japan, and after the excitement of roaming around the night streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya yesterday, it got me inspired to pick three tunes that glow some great musical vibes along with the neon lights. ‘Watashi’ by Kanagawa-based singer Iri radiates rich electro-pop vibes with its shimmering synth chords and drives through with house and disco energy in the track’s bopping beats and hand claps, making it perfect to amplify the glitter ball atmosphere of the city.

  • ラブリーサマーちゃん Lovely Summer-chan – ‘202 feat. 泉まくら Izumi Makura’

To take things down a notch is ‘202 feat. 泉まくら Izumi Makura’ by ラブリーサマーちゃん Lovely Summer-chan. From her innocent vocals to the rhythm section’s lush harmonies, smooth bass line and groovy guitar riffs, the song oozes soulful warmth that can shine a more reflective neo-soul light in the night stars above the Tokyo skyline.

  • Yahyel – ‘Once’

For an immersive sonic experience, Yahyel is the one to direct your ears towards with tracks like ‘Once’. Meandering through dubstep, synth and dream pop realms, the five-piece band exudes an elusive and serpentine character that sucks the listener’s eardrums into a world of extra-terrestrial gravity with its whirling synth harmonies, heart-pounding drumbeats, seductive vocal colours and effects.

© Isaku Takahashi


New Japanese Vibes (80) – bonobos ‘Cruisin’ Cruisin’’

A rainbow of colourful musical vibes glimmers in ‘Cruisin’ Cruisin’’, the latest track by five-piece band bonobos from their upcoming album 2323Ku (23 ward, referring to the 23 districts of Tokyo). Although they are regarded as a Japanese dub band, the kaleidoscope of musical colour that dances throughout this track belies their simple band setup. From soul to electronica, samba, folk and many more, bonobos takes strands from a rich array of styles to sew a musical story that is simply gorgeous.

Other Info/Context

  • Bonobos’ new album 23Ku will be released on September 21st.

© Isaku Takahashi

New Japanese Vibes (25) – Takaki Ryuuta ‘Fallen’

As one surfs through the SOUNDCLOUD universe, a new talent in the electronic sphere comes to light. ‘Fallen’ by young beat maker Takaki Ryuuta immerses one’s audible senses in a fragile arctic and minimal atmosphere, dipping into a deep ocean of dub, chillwave and ambient ideas. Tiny sonic samples, ambiguous harmonic riff, fluctuating synth colours, woozy pitch bending, gravity-pulling bass sonorities and infectiously rhythmic percussion timbres intrude the listener’s sensations through every angle, creating an illusionary nocturnal effect in the process.

Other Info/Context

  • Takaki Ryuuta also released his debut album Sink Into The Midnight on 13th January.

© Isaku Takahashi