New Japanese Vibes (85) – Kidori Kidori アウトサイダー ‘Outsider’

A vibrant, pulsating and unswerving energy sets off sparks in Kidori Kidori’s latest track アウトサイダー ‘Outsider’. Made up of 川本直樹 Kawamoto Naoki and マッシュ Mashu (or Matthew), the duo’s latest release from the record label Hip Land Music comes just four months after their previous EP フィールソーグッド Feel So Good. The track drives through an infectious post-punk motorway, while it also resembles the rich shoegaze soundscape of My Bloody Valentine, though much more mellow and melodious.

Other Info/Context

  • Kidori Kidori’s new EP OUTSIDE was released on October 5th.
  • Find out more about Kidori Kidori in my blog post here.

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Kidori Kidori

When three musicians from diverse backgrounds, life experiences and different musical tastes collide, we get something that is hard to explain in a nutshell, but in the same respect an entity that is engaging and riveting to the ears. Kidori Kidori, a three-piece rock band (*currently a duo as bass player ンヌゥ Nnuu left in order to cure a mental illness) formed in 2008 in Osaka embodies such a thought.

Main guitar/vocalist マッシュ Mush’s British background (who hails from Wales) is put to great advantage in the post-punk pulsation of ‘Watch Out!!!’. Showing great passion for UK rock such as the Arctic Monkeys, the track exclaims a heavy guitar-laden shock wave while making small references to 50s/60s Americana from the opening guitar riff and perpetuating an up-tempo ska propulsion from the rhythm section supporting the clamorous vocals.

Juggling between instrumental math-rock episodes of 5/4 and an unyielding punk momentum, ‘Come Together’ is a truly enticing track. The rhythm entourage deviates and unites in equal proportion as intricate rhythmic lines weave through each other in a counterpoint manner, yet maintains a consistent infectious groove that enhances the verse and chorus sections commanded by a Vampire Weekend musical charisma and a male Kate Nash-like vocal timbre.

Kidori Kidori’s latest track なんだかもう ‘Nandakamou’ ( a phrase that you say when you feel unsure or confused, can also denote a lazy or deflated mood’) winds down from their usual energetic character. The song straddles between a tranquil psychedelic pop and a sweet-sounding soul vibe, flowing through with jangling guitar strumming and Mush’s vocals loafing around in the repetitive chorus. It’s a perfect jam perhaps on a boring rainy day (not to suggest that the song is boring…)

Kidori Kidori’s personality strongly resonates with the younger generation, and is therefore heading as an important presence in the future of Japanese rock music.

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