New Japanese Vibes (23) – Iku ‘Emotion’

Building on the traditions of Detroit Techno, (Morozomi Ikuko) Iku’s ‘Emotion’ from her latest EP Imagination evaporates a dark yet seductive sonic fountain. The track drifts into the unknown from the outset, with snappy but unclear vocal samples punching the stereo field, a brooding bass line bending and creeping like a deep-sea creature, scattered noise samples shattering like glass and a forbidding tone from the drumbeat all in agreement and deeply imbued with mystery. The addition of savage ‘door slam’ samples in the latter half almost concocts an imminent violent force waiting to pounce.

Other Info/Context

  • Imagination EP was released on December 21st.
  • Iku released her Imagination EP under Detroit Underground, a record label/multidisciplinary arts collective based in Michigan, USA, dedicated to new experimental and electronic music.

© Isaku Takahashi